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Trick Shot Wednesday: Spring Break 2016

The students might have the week off, but our student-athletes are still working hard.

Bonzie and Demetrius strike a pose.
Bonzie and Demetrius strike a pose.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It's early March, and that means many things around here. For most students, this heralds Spring Break and a much-needed respite from the veritable avalanche of midterms and papers they've been churning out over the last couple weeks. These guys and gals will flee to the sunny shores of Florida for the week to escape the oppressive Permacloud hanging over campus...although this week's weather at ND is positively spring-like.

On the other hand, our Irish athletes have been hard at work this week. The lady hoopers just took home the ACC tournament title, and the menfolk are looking to do the same in a few days. (That's not even mentioning the Hockey East playoffs that the Irish Icers are playing against Northeastern this weekend.) To get you pumped for what will hopefully be another ACC title run, here's a little photo of Bonzie Colson and Demetrius Jackson celebrating after a big play vs. NC State this past week. As always, give us your funniest captions in the comment section!

Last Week's Winners

In our last TSW honoring Coach Muffet McGraw, the captions of Muffet crouching on the sideline during a game did not fail to amuse.

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who contributed and voted!

Poll Results

In keeping with Muffet's strong fashion game, we asked if any other coach could topple her from the pinnacle of "Best-Dressed Notre Dame Coach." And even though there was some grumbling about excluding Coach Jeff Jackson of the hockey team, the winning margin was pretty decisive:

If you're like me and you took the time to research each and every one of these coaches, then good on ya for going the extra mile.