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Trick Shot Wednesday: March Madness Begins!

Limber up and grab your shiny shoes, 'cause we're going dancing.

"Nah man, I don't want it. Do YOU want it?"
"Nah man, I don't want it. Do YOU want it?"
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Every year, as the weather (finally) gets warmer and students dare to poke their heads out of their parkas, the United States of America descends into utter madness. This malady is caused by a strange phenomenon known as "hoopyball," which seems to attract at least several dozen spectators for each game. Early symptoms manifest in subtle verbal tics, such as a sudden obsession with "seeds" and constantly asking where the nearest "pool" might be. As this madness progresses, subjects are seized with a sudden desire to scribble on what appears to be symmetrical, branching lines; this is often accompanied by low muttering, erratic coin-flipping, and asking whether a duke would beat a butler in a fight. In the advanced stages of this malady, subjects will inexplicably vanish on a Thursday and reappear three days later. If they are brandishing a red marker and gibbering wildly about being "busted" or "upset," DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENGAGE.

It is well-known that one of the only ways to stave off this madness is to channel your creative energies into captioning and/or photoshopping silly photos on OFD. As such, I've provided a wonderful little picture of UNC's Isaiah Hicks attempting to grab a rebound away from several Notre Dame players during their ACC Tournament game last week. If that brings up bad memories for you, then just tell yourself that we decided to get all our postseason losses out of our system in one game. Yep, that's exactly what it was.

Last Week's Winners & Poll Results

Last week's Spring Break TSW was art imitating life--apparently everyone's witty humor took a break as well, since nobody garnered 5+ rec's. Oh wells.

As for the predictions on how far ND would go in its ACC tournament defense, looks like you guys guessed pretty well.

So now that we've established our magical powers over influencing how well ND performs, how about you all pick the "NCAA CHAMPS" option on this week's poll?