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Trick Shot Wednesday: Valentine's Day Edition 2016

Some old friends reappeared on campus this past weekend, and we're not talking about your exes.

Pat Connaughton yuks it up before the ND-UL game.
Pat Connaughton yuks it up before the ND-UL game.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

For many Americans, Valentine's Day is a special, romantic occasion. You give a little extra time and attention to that special someone, which (when multiplied across the country) translates into crusty old geezers and young resentful singles grumbling about how they can't get a dingdang reservation at the local Long John Silver's. But hey, it's Valentine's Day, so if you value your relationship then you gotta Regatta drop the big bucks on your SO.

Here at One Foot Down, we I prefer a different interpretation of this annual celebration on February 14th. Namely, instead of buying each other chocolates, go do something hardcore to prove your devotion to the one you love. That may involve something like plunging into an ice-cold lake or walking across coals...or it could be coming back to your old hardwood stomping grounds to cheer on your alma mater to a huge comeback win, as recent ND grads Pat Connaughton and Jerian Grant decided to do this past weekend at the Louisville game.

This week's caption-friendly entry shows Pat gabbing away on his cell phone before the game. Since all y'all are expert lip- and mind-readers, it's up to you to tell us what Pat was saying--and maybe even who he was speaking to with whom he was speaking! If you're up to the challenge, give us your best captions in the comments below!

Last Week's Winner

The showing for the Ash Wednesday TSW was a bit thin, but we'll charitably assume that you were all fasting from OFD as your Ash Wednesday penance...right?

--The prize for last week's entry of Zach Auguste getting poked in the face goes to...occtipus!

Last Week's Poll

Being mindful of Ash Wednesday, our survey was rather appropriately themed...

Again, I bet a lot of you were fasting from OFD...but then again, why would you? ;)

That does it for this week's edition of Trick Shot Wednesday. Give us your funniest captions and photoshops in the comments, and we'll see you next week!