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Trick Shot Wednesday: The Irish Own Tobacco Road

It's high time the world knows who really runs the ACC.

Tuck in your darn waistband, Mr. Auguste.
Tuck in your darn waistband, Mr. Auguste.
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We Domers are very particular about our school colors. Our Papal Gold comes in shades of old gold, mustard, vivid yellow, goldenrod, and that one hideous shade found on the 2009 The Shirt. Our Madonna Blue, on the other hand, has remained fairly steadfast over time. Let's not even venture into the realm of our alternate greens, which nearly set the Internet ablaze when Adidas proudly rolled out the eye-gougingly-bad Zubaz Shamrock Shake uniforms a few years back. (It's no coincidence that our Under Armour deal was struck shortly thereafter.)

However, the Irish have stated loud and clear that they can't stand Carolina powder blue or Duke blue on the same court as them. Sporting an impressive 6-1 record against UNC and Duke in their last 7 meetings, the Fighting Irish basically told the college basketball world that the big dogs don't scare them at all. This was emphasized last week, when ND fell behind by 15 points at home to #1/#2 UNC, but battled back and secured an amazing 80-76 win over the Tar Heels. That game was a lot of things, but it sure as heck wasn't an upset.

Last Week's Winners

In our previous TSW, we (coincidentally) presented a photo from Notre Dame's big win (again, not an upset) over the other Tobacco Road "rival"--the Duke Blue Devils. Steve Vasturia was inbounding the ball in front of the Cameron Crazies, and y'all had some beautiful captions to go with it.

--The first spotlighted comedian is Irish_bandit_10, with some mental snark from Steve:

--Seeing this photo reminded yours truly of a certain Gospel passage:

--ConcreteCharliee, however, spotted some inconsistencies with certain Duke-ian policies:

--And our winner is...Kelly's Gyros, who dredged up some serious emotional drama and/or trauma from multiple subjects.

Congrats on the win, KG--it's been too long since you've graced the podium, so keep 'em coming!

This Week's Photo

Continuing the trend of photos from wins over Tobacco Road opponents, this week's entry depicts our own Zach Auguste leaping for a loose ball while UNC big man Kennedy Meeks...well, I'm not exactly sure what he's attempting to do to poor Zach. Maybe y'all can help clear up this situation for the rest of us. Give us your best captions and photoshops, and vote on your favorites!