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Notre Dame fans accept Bowl Mania Bid

Despite a sub-.500 record, we got in based on a high BAC

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Dan Holzman Comedy


For the last four years, your pals at ND Fan Radio have challenged all listeners the world in Bowl Mania. It is one of the fun things we do to close out the football season, since we typically know in advance that our team will inevitably lose any bowl game of consequence.

Thankfully, 2016 affords us the freedom to not even worry about trivial things such as Brian Kelly’s lack of major bowl wins, and we can focus on important matters such as who will get their ass beaten by Alabama in this year’s title sacrifice.

Now I want to warn you in advance. Not only am I the better looking of the dynamic duo known as “ND Fan Radio” but I also took down every hack wonderful writer on this website in the Staff Picks this year, so get your best #sportsmath/dartboard/girlfriend who picks teams based on mascot/BCS supercomputer ready.

Things worth noting:

-This is a confidence pool. My cousin JJ caught a beatdown in 2015 and blamed it on not knowing that 1 is the lowest confidence number. 1 is the lowest confidence number.

-One entry per user. If you register another entry for your cat, that is why you have a cat and not actual human friends... because you cheat at things that aren’t important.

-The group is locked. Thus if you pull picks out of your anus like a drunken Desmond Howard, there is no leaving the group to avoid public shaming. Additionally, there is no joining after the one your cat picked is handily beating your actual entry.

Happy Bowl Mania. And may the odds be ever in your favor.