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Like It Or Not, Brian Kelly Is Going To Coach Notre Dame Football In 2017

Many of us had opinions on whether or not Brian Kelly should be allowed to coach Notre Dame next year. Those opinions are now history.

Notre Dame v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

After months of conspiracy theories, gossip, rumors, opinions, and online brawls- I think it is safe to say that Brian Kelly will not be fired, and Brian Kelly is not leaving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

While there hasn’t been an official “official” statement from either Brian Kelly or Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick just yet, Swarbrick’s comments on his weekly show with Jack Nolan, do infinitely more than just suggest that Brian Kelly will be back in 2017.

If you’re reading this, then there is no doubt you have a strong opinion on the topic of Brian Kelly’s employment status at Notre Dame. The season and the situation has created a toxic environment for those of us that follow and study Notre Dame football on the internet. Once you read the name, “Brian Kelly” there is an instant reaction of vitriol or an eagerness to defend and support.

It’s become a way of life for Irish fans- and one that despite the differing opinions, is one that we all wish would just go away.

Many people are going to be glad to just move on and hope the Irish improve, while other will probably punch a few holes in their walls and make all sorts of oaths against Notre Dame, Jack Swarbrick, and Brian Kelly.

Well... so be it.

I’m not here to defend one opinion or the other- nor am I launching any type of campaign. What I do think is important now, is stepping forward like our favorite fictional president and Notre Dame alum and say, “what’s next?”

If it’s going to be Brian Kelly in 2017, what should we be watching for from him? What changes should be made? What players will likely improve? How does this roster get better? How will the Irish manage their schedule in 2017?

For me at least, it’s time to move on and provide some context to you the reader in the coming months. I’m not happy about this decision, but let’s be real, that part doesn’t matter anymore. I do sincerely hope that the divide between Notre Dame fans that has existed for decades can begin to come closer together- but I highly doubt it.

Just remember one thing: We all want Notre Dame football to win. While the manner in which they attempt to do that may cause delight or hate in us as fans, the goals are still relatively alike. However, we all are going to have our own critiques for the program, so let’s not pretend that everything is perfect.

I have no idea how all of this will shake out for 2017 and beyond, but I’ll be here. I’ll be here to cuss, cry, laugh, cheer, fist-pump, binge-drink, put an ax to the garage, run naked through my town, burn my clothes, wave the flag in my front-yard while holding a baby (any baby will do), and generally be who I’ve alway been... a fan with internet access and control of a website (yes, I have done all those things and more).

Let’s do this together- whatever “this” is.