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Merry Christmas Notre Dame Fans

Wishing you all the best this Christmas season.

via Twitter @NotreDame

We know it’s been pretty quiet here at One Foot Down over the past few days. Please forgive us as we (myself and the staff) have got wrapped up in the Christmas season with our friends and family. With the exception of a few rumors... it’s been pretty quiet in South Bend too.

Not only did I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, but I want to pass along my sincere thanks and love. I took over One Foot Down back in July and to say that the transition was a little rocky, well... that would be underselling the magnificence of the Notre Dame internet.

It was a little daunting at first. I have been blogging and running Notre Dame websites for 10 years, so the actual “work” was the same, but the different style and manner in which I do things made it a bit difficult as some of you grew frustrated that the site wasn’t the same.

While I apologize for disappointing a few, I can never apologize for being me and doing the things that I do. Rest assured, I will only try to make this site better each and every day as best I can, and with a little work (and a little luck) I am confident that this site will continue to grow and be a great place for Irish fans to read and discuss Notre Dame Fighting Irish athletics.

We have great things planned and are eager to have some real fun (if only the football team would help us out).

I want to thank my staff... THANKS STAFF! Seriously, these guys have been great, and the ones that have stuck with this thing during a horrible football season (more than a handful went running for the hills) have made my job easier, and hopefully your experience better.

Again, Merry Christmas to you and your family and as always... GO IRISH!