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Internet Proclaims Notre Dame Defensive Line Coach, Keith Gilmore Is Fired... And Is Totally Wrong

It was a strange Monday night with the smell of fire in the air... but no fire was to be found.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football staff is getting turned upside down after a 4-8 season. With a handful of changes already in the books, there was nothing odd about a report coming out that Irish defensive line coach Keith Gilmore was “let go.”

I mean, it made total sense considering the complete lack of production along the defensive line- especially in regards to Notre Dame’s sack numbers. So yeah... I would bet that Notre Dame was going to head in another direction. After all, new defensive coordinator Mike Elko can put together his own staff (kind of) and he may just bring a guy with him from Wake Forest.

After one report came out, a few more started showing up- all citing “sources” or “confirmed.” It appeared that Gilmore was on his way out.

This was good news to some, but to former Notre Dame defensive lineman Sheldon Day- it was a bunch of crap.

As this was going on, reports and short essays on who may take Gilmore’s position started surfacing. The most common opinion was that Clark Lea, linebacker coach at Wake Forest, would follow Mike Elko and he would coach the linebackers with Mike Elston sliding back into his old role as the defensive line coach.

It was all coming together. That is, until it wasn’t:

Ouch. That’s a whole lot of screw up right there, and even more back-tracking and updating. I’m just glad I was in the middle of some things so I didn’t have to do all that backtracking. One person was even more happy than me. Guess who that was?

And we all laugh and wonder just what in the hell is going on. Is this even for real you guys?

So the guy that still needs to interview the guy that everyone said was already fired hasn’t even interviewed him yet? Wow... talk about some awkward moments coming up in that interview and a whole lot of pressure.

The internet got it completely wrong tonight, but that’s not to say that they will be wrong tomorrow or by some time next week. The played out scenario that we thought might happen when Keith Gilmore was “fired” still has a chance of happening.

At the moment, we should all take this as some type of lesson in patience (stop laughing). We were wrong, and caused a scene for a few hours. This is what the 2016 Notre Dame football season has given us... Derp.