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One Foot Down Podcast: A List of Replacements for Brian Kelly

When you’re 3-6, there’s no shortage of better options

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Navy Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Either Notre Dame is serious about playing championship level football or they’re not.

If they are: We have a list of coaches who have a dramatically better chance of meeting that standard than Brian Kelly.

If they are not: We have a suggestion for a guy that can meet a similar level of performance as Brian Kelly, without embarrassing the University on a semi-regular basis.

Either way, there really is no shortage of men who could step in to Notre Dame after the season and improve things. Exactly who that person would be is only contingent upon the level of Notre Dame’s commitment to excellence.

In Episode 79 you get about 25 minutes of talk about Navy and 40 minutes of talk about replacements for Brian Kelly. Per local custom, the show is predicated upon brown liquor and profanity.

(You can listen in the media player below or you can check us out over at iTunes or Google Play. Just search for One Foot Down and let the magical box take you away.)

Please enjoy responsibly.