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Irish Find Pay Dirt Again, St. Brown Flips Into Endzone

DeShone Kizer and the Irish offense respond to a Navy touchdown

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Navy Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame defense gave up a score on a third and nine to Navy on the drive prior, but Notre Dame’s offense didn’t flinch. DeShone Kizer went five-for-five on the drive, was confident on third down, and the Irish receivers did a great job of getting open and running after the catch. Equanimeous St. Brouwn, in particular, had a long run on a screen as well as this acrobatic touchdown:

St. Brown continues to impress with his athleticism, seemingly determined to top his flipping touchdown against Texas. On the day, EQ has five catches for 62 yards. The Irish ran five runs and five passes on the scoring drive drive and called a diverse array of plays, including screens, sweeps, power runs and passes.

As the game goes back and forth, it becomes apparent that stops by either defense are huge. The Navy triple option can be devastating, and its up to the offense to score on every drive.