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Notre Dame VS Navy: Game Thread

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish invade Florida to battle the Navy Midshipmen. Is this even real life?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a lazy week. We know, but to be completely honest and blunt about it all... playing Navy doesn't even come close to the vibe of playing USC or Stanford or Michigan State. Hell, you can throw N.C. State in that mix too- albeit just a rung below.

It's okay, and we mean no disrespect to the mutual respect of Notre Dame and Navy, but this game just doesn't have much juice. Which is probably what the French were thinking before the Battle of Agincourt. I guess that makes me King Charles VI- severe psychotic illness included.

With Navy, there is always nothing to win (yeah we beat Navy), and everything to lose (dude you just lost to Navy). Right or wrong in sentiment, it's the truth.

So here we are wandering around in Duval, and super excited that this is an 11:30 AM game that should be significantly shorter in broadcast length. Join the conversation below and check back all day and drop any thoughts you have about the Irish and the rest of the college football slate.

The mission continues. #BelkBowlBound