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Notre Dame VS Navy Weather Report

“Raise your sail one foot, and you’ll get ten feet of wind”-Proverb

Brian Kelly Ship

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is set to play the Navy Midshipmen on Saturday in Jacksonville Florida, and the weather is looking more Virginian than Floridian.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

via Accuweather

If you are going to the game, the morning tailgating will be brisk and full of sunshine. You’re going to feel like you are in Norfolk Virginia- or even Annapolis Maryland.

Which brings me to a mini-rant of calling out this kind of crap. Yes, I said crap (and I’m going to make this an issue in the coming weeks because 3-5). This is the first week of consecutive weeks of playing a service academy at a neutral location. I believe the sentiment is getting played out.

Why is this even a thing anymore? Wouldn’t Navy or Army love to host Notre Dame for a game in their own stadium. The Army game this year is actually a Notre Dame home game, just as this game in Jacksonville is a Navy home game.

Either way, the Irish will hold an attendance advantage, it’s definitely not on a college campus, and it will feel like the cheapest bowl game in history... again. Somehow the Irish will go and play Air Force in Falcon Stadium though. It’s military discrimination, and I’m only 74% comfortable in using that term.

For our purposes here and for the game against the Naval Academy, the weather will be cool, the sun will shine, and the wind will gust. What’s the over / under on Notre Dame pass attempts? I’m saying 38.