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The Brian Kelly Rumors Are Everywhere

There are plenty of Brian Kelly rumors at this point, and we still don’t know anything.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I’m hesitant to write this article. I mean we could be mere hours away from Brian Kelly no longer being the head football coach for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I mean... we could be only hours away from seeing this scenario take place:

  • Lane Kiffin takes offensive coordinator job for the LSU Tigers.
  • Brian Kelly gets fired from Notre Dame.
  • Notre Dame hires John Gruden.
  • Brian Kelly is hired as the new OC for the Alabama Crimson Tide.


  • The Purdue Boilermakers hire Bryan Harsin from the Boise State Broncos.
  • Boise State hires Mike Sanford as its new head coach.
  • The Oregon Ducks hire John Harbaugh.
  • Notre Dame fires Brian Kelly.
  • The UCLA Bruins hire Les Miles.
  • Notre Dame hires Dan Mullen.
  • The Mississippi State Bulldogs hire PJ Fleck.
  • Brian Kelly is hired by ESPN.

As insane as all of that sounds, it is equally insane to some of the rumors and hearsay getting tossed around right now. Brian Kelly is involved in a lot of them, and his name is so hot right now (pageview love) a report came out today about Kelly allegedly talking with the USC Trojan after last season. Pay no mind to the fact that this was actually “reported” last year- it’s another Kelly rumor we can throw into the mix.

Fake flight plans popped up all day today. It was only one- until everyone got in on the action to prove how much bullshit it all is. People are hungry for change- or even just concrete information.

Through all of this, there has been a silence that can either be deafening from Notre Dame, or says everything you need to know. Where is Jack Swarbrick? Where is Brian Kelly? Where is Gruden?

Seriously, it’s all a bit much and it is fairly confusing- even for someone like me that, ya know... follows these sorts of things pretty closely.

At any rate, this whole article may be obsolete in just a few hours so I won’t waste too many more words, but I do want to say this: I hate every bit of this. Sure, you can lump me in with the crowd that wants a change at the head coaching spot, but I absolutely hate the fact that we are even thinking about it. We are looking at MAC coaches like OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH instead of getting pumped for a big bowl game or a playoff run.

This shit sucks. It’s no fun, and rumors of this and that make it even worse. We are left in the dark, until Jack Swarbrick pulls a rabbit out of his desk, or the month of December disappears with no change at all.

The rumors are everywhere, and yet, we are nowhere. Check back in a few hours.