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WATCH: Instant Reaction to Notre Dame’s 45-27 Loss To USC

It was a rough 13 minutes, a rough game, and a rough season.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Once the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost to the USC Trojans 45-27, I took to the Facebook LIVE button to comment on the game.

WARNING: There is very liberal use of the english language in this video. (I cussed- a lot).

Notre Dame needs to make some whole sale changes in the offseason. I am unwilling to believe that Brian Kelly is going to be fired, because I don’t think that Notre Dame and Jack Swarbrick are going to fire him. That doesn’t mean that Kelly deserves to come back (I am in the #FireKelly group), but I can’t make them do it either.

So, if that is indeed the case, many other heads must roll for Notre Dame to have any shot at being a winning program in 2017.

I went outside to record this as I have small children and a really nice wife (who were peeking through the window every now and then). This was not a planned “rant” but these things happen when you are witnesses for one of the worst seasons in Notre Dame history.

Instant Reaction: Notre Dame loses to USC 45-27

Posted by One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans on Saturday, November 26, 2016