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Notre Dame VS USC: Final Thoughts And Game Thread

May Trojan Blood be poured all over the nation.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last round. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will end their season in LA against the USC Trojans- which effectively will end one of the worst seasons in Notre Dame Football history.

It's an important week despite the expectations of a blowout loss, and a win still not being enough to put the Irish in a bowl game. It's SOUTHERN CAL. Usually, like fir every other game of the season, I would provide an Anti-Preview. The Anti-Preview is more about the spectacle of the game than anything else. And while one could argue that we probably could need some spectacle about right now, I could never bring myself to write the damn thing this week.

How much fun could you have playing Super Mario Brothers if your dad was getting bypass surgery?

So, I didn't quite feel up to talking about the food (just had Thanksgiving y'all) and the booze (y'all know that Trojan Blood is a thing: gin and Mountain Dew Code Red). Things at Notre Dame are that dire, that any illusion to the contrary would be a disservice to you the reader.

By all means, have fun and cheer your ass off. Whatever will be, will be. If Notre Dame decides to fire Brian Kelly or keep him, I believe this game will have very little impact on the decision. This is Southern Cal, and two of the most important wins of the Brian Kelly era have been against the Trojans IN Los Angles in 2010 and 2012. It is also host of one of the worst losses of the Kelly era back in 2014.

This is it.

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Check out the live game thread below. Please allow yourself a moment or two to vent about the Irish- or perhaps share your pure joy should things go a little differently than what is being suggested.