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Tranquill Redeems Himself, Adams Capitalizes

Despite DeShone Kizer’s probable headache, the Irish have surged ahead

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

DeShone Kizer slid. A Virginia Tech player hit him on his way down. It’s the kind of hit that has ended careers and ruined lives. Concussions are no joke.

But, it wasn’t even worthy of a review. Sure. Ultimately, the play ended a crucial Notre Dame drive, as the Irish saw the momentum shifting to the Hokies yet again. You be the judge:

But then, Drue Tranquill took the opportunity of being back on defense to totally redeem himself. He’s been the target of ire from a lot of Notre Dame fans for his play this year, but he was in the right place at the right time on this one. His interception put the Irish back on offense, and Josh Adams took advantage. Here’s what happened:

It’s back and forth at this point, with the Notre Dame defense struggling to stop the Hokies on offense. At the end of the third, this looks to be like a classic 2016 Notre Dame football game. Dominate early, let the other team back in late. Stay tuned.