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The Anti- Preview: Notre Dame VS Virginia Tech

Fighting, for more than a bowl game.

NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The sad and sordid tale of the home version of the 2016 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football campaign is coming to an end. Not since 2009 have the Irish entered a senior day with so little hope for what’s left of the season and with such an abysmal record. Even that 2009 team (the last of the Charlie Weis era) was at least sitting at 6-4 (oh lord help me) with a chance to hit that Brian Kelly watermark of 8 wins.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

You can’t physically see me right now, but I’m sure you can feel my pain. 4-6 and an incredible challenge that is ahead of the Irish. Yes, they are playing for a bowl game, and playing for their seniors and fellow brothers, but they are also playing for pride in themselves and pride in the University of Notre Dame.

Virginia Tech

Need a quick refresher on the Virginia Tech Hokies? Try Pat Sullivan’s Q&A with Gobbler Country and his preview of the game.

For our purpose here in this little spot, I want to address the Ken Ekanem situation.

North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Long story short, Ekanem was offered by Notre Dame until, according to him, he got injured in high school and was told to not visit.

Ekanem has been a great player at Virginia Tech and will, no doubt, have a good game against the irish. In fact, it will feel like a Heosman campaign because I can promise you that this story will be told a few times for the benefit of our entertainment.

Brian Kelly and Notre Dame do not pull scholarship offers to players that are verbally committed. They just don’t, and in the past, fans have actually complained about such tactics as it obviously leaves Notre Dame on the short end of things as well as encourages commitments from those that are still looking if another school they are waiting on come calling.

Ekanem was not committed and it doesn’t matter if it was the right move or wrong move, it’s a common practice in college sports. HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN VARSITY BLUES?

Anyways, this will probably go as well as a Boston College linebacker that got “overlooked” and then spends the afternoon slaying the Irish.

What Should You Be Drinking?

Let’s not complicate things with recipes, mixers, or even ice. Grab a bottle of your favorite bourbon and have a nice day.

“Better than wine- every time.”- Anonymous bourbon snob

What Should You Be Eating?

Due to the lateness of this post, deep-frying a turkey would be a wasted gesture. Sorry lads... going to have to grab some Oscar Meyer carving board cuts for this one.

What Should You Be Wearing?

If you’re going to the game, you will need something to keep you warm and toasty and dry. Base layers are important, but something else is needed as well. Something tough for the day’s turkey shoot.

And he was all, “GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE” till he dropped.
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What Is The Best Thing About This Game?

Regardless of bowl aspirations or coaching situations, the best thing about this game is this senior class. Despite any issues with what has happened this year or in the previous three, they are loyal sons of Notre Dame. Thank-you.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

5 Reasons To Hate Virginia Tech

1. Bud Foster envy.
2. Beamer ball.
3. New coach swag envy.
4. Had an evil engineer at work that is a Virginia Tech alum.
5. They are here to destroy us.

Shamrock Stars

DeShone Kizer. In what will probably be DeShone Kizer’s last game inside Notre Dame Stadium, he will find the will and the way to carry the team offensively with his legs and his arm. It’s going to make us all feel good and terrible.

Jarron Jones. After taking a lot of heat for his disappearing act against Navy and Army and the triple-option, Jarron Jones will play like a man possessed and remind us all of why we were so enamored with him after the Miami game.

At the end of the day...

For no reason and with no real insight, I am relying on my gut. Notre Dame is due for a moment that best exemplifies what Notre Dame football is all about. It’s a gut check for the entire team and a massive challenge. Notre Dame answers the call and will eat turkey legs for dinner. Irish 24, Hokies 20.