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Notre Dame Basketball: Irish Hoops Unveil New Alternate Unis

Irish basketball unveiled a new alternate uniform for the 2016-17 season. Check them out here.

NCAA Womens Basketball: WNIT Tournament-First Round Joe Raymond-USA TODAY Sports

Many fans had mixed feelings about Notre Dame football’s Shamrock Series uniforms. Personally, I wasn’t a fan and those unis need to be scrapped and never seen again.

Today the Notre Dame men’s basketball team made a splash in the uniform department as they unveiled their “All Green Everything” alternate uniform. As the name indicates the uniform is well, all green from the shoes to the tops.

The uniform top has script “Irish” across the chest in blue and gold, as well as blue and gold numbers. The shorts have blue and gold accents down the sides with a blue monogram ND at the bottom.

Check out sophomore guard Rex Pflueger unveil Notre Dame’s new digs in the video below.

(Just like with the unveiling of the Shamrock Series unis, the video does not a good job of actually showing the uniform. So, you’ll have to look closely to see all the details.)

I, for one, am not usually crazy about the concept of alternate uniforms, but even I have to admit these unis are pretty sharp. These are the best alternates the basketball team has rolled out in quite some time. They are probably the best since the black and green jerseys they wore back when Chris Quinn was manning the point for the Irish.

Notre Dame hasn’t announced if these alternates will be replacing the gold alternates the Irish have worn for the past two seasons or if they are just another option for Mike Brey’s squad. Notre Dame and Under Armour did a nice job with these, which is more than you could say about this year’s Shamrock Series uniforms.

What do you think about Notre Dame basketball’s new look? Voice your opinion in the comment section below.