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One Foot Down Podcast: The fans speak

We decided to honor the Shamrock Series by changing up our format

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Army Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

ND Fan Radio has a long an illustrious history of taking fan calls. In fact, one could say that since naming our podcast “NDFanRadio,” we have never taken less than 8 calls in a year. Sadly, that arbitrary benchmark has not been met for this season, but this isn’t our first Rodeo. Look, we are young. And we’re gonna take a lot of calls in the future.

Since Notre Dame flipped the script on us and decided to win put on alternate jerseys, we too decided to change things up. For instance, I drank tequila instead of bourbon. Also, I had buttons on my shirt. Lastly... we took this bad boy live and fielded your calls.

One thing which did not change was the adult language. Please enjoy responsibly.