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LISTEN LIVE: One Foot Down Podcast Call In Show

We know you’ve been listening... now you can force us to listen to you.

I, like many of you, woke up this morning and desperately went searching for the newest One Foot Down Podcast. We were all met with a bit of disappointment as alas... no new podcast was on the the feed.

Did the Notre Dame Fighting Irish quit football too? No.

Instead, Wes and Martin are going to back to their roots (well their middle roots) and will be hosting a LIVE call-in podcast tonight.


Got a complaint? CALL IN
Got a suggestion? CALL IN
Got some praise? CALL IN
Got some pessimistic knowledge? CALL IN
Got some hope? CALL IN
Got some crack? Please don’t call in, and remember that the US Mail will find you and prosecute you should you choose to send.

Sweigert Bros Running Things

So, at 8:30 tonight settle in and listen and should you elect to speak to the masses about what crawled up your ass, call the show at 516-387-1329.