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Notre Dame VS Army: Game Thread

Back in the birthplace of the Shamrock Series. Just another weird game.

Ah yes, the Shamrock Series. The modern day "barnstorming" for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but with better different uniforms. This year marks 8th year that Notre Dame has played host on "foreign" soil. In reality, it's an attempt to strengthen the Notre Dame brand across the country and help lay even more roots for recruiting.

Or so we have been told. When three of the eight games have been in Boston, New York, and Indianapolis we are hardly making this about anything other than a peacock show on the peacock network. Another in Chicago and the Irish are hardly "barnstorming."

The opponents have also lacked quite a bit of flair and certainly falls short of spectacular. The uniforms, even though I have quite enjoyed most of them, usually only brings out scorn from a large portion of the fanbase.

All of it feels more like it was thrown together while drinking cheap gin rather than a sound business plan. Hell, the whole series may date back to 2009, but it didn't get the Shamrock Series moniker until 2011 in a weird set of circumstances. The Irish had already worn throwback uniforms earlier in the season against Michigan, and then all of a sudden they were to wear green jersey's and an amped up looking helmet for their neutral site game against Maryland.

All of a sudden they start calling it the Shamrock Series and include the previous games against Army in New York and Washington State in San Antonio. Just weird.

This is the last Shamrock Series game for at least one year. Notre Dame will have their stadium renovations done for next year and that home game will belong their. Hopefully, if the series resumes as Swarbrick says it will, it will be a little more exciting than just some random team in some random place.

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