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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Army In The Shamrock Series

Notre Dame is going back to Texas where this trainwreck of a season first started.

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in serious trouble. It’s not just because they are 3-6, and it’s not just because they are one bad game away from having the worst record since the 3-9 campaign of 2007.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

Well, actually, it’s because of both of those things. The extra spice that gets added to this creme de la bile is all of the pitchfork grabbing by the fanbase (us included). Look, it’s not fun, we don’t really want to do it, and we all wish we didn’t have to grab those pitchforks. The thing is, however, heavy criticism and big picture projections are what we are here to do. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns- and trust me... I freaking love rainbows and unicorns.

There still is some hope that the season won’t become one of the worst failures in Notre Dame football history. If Notre Dame can win out, it would include two wins over the two best teams on the schedule and another bowl win. HELLO 7-6! We’re talking mediocrity here, but that’s better than utter failure.

Man this season is rancid. BRING ON THE SHAMROCK SERIES!


The Army Black Knights run the triple option just as their fellow military academy, Navy. Most analysts insist that Navy runs it better, but this season, Army is second in the country in rushing yards per game with a whopping 320.

You can find some very good info from Pat Sullivan here on One Foot Down in his Army Q&A and his game preview. I suggest you read them.

A couple of quick notes of interest:

  • Army barely lost to Duke 13-6 (our only common opponent thus far).
  • At 5 wins, Army is fighting to become bowl eligible.
  • Army lost to Air Force last week which gave the Falcons the Commander In Chief trophy.
  • Army sits atop the Independent standings with BYU. I’m only partly joking.

What Should You Be Drinking?


In honor of my grandfather that served in the Army during WWII and was in the Battle of the Bulge, I give you one of his favorite cocktails. It also pays homage to the Subway Alumni for which this Shamrock Series pays homage to.

What Should You Be Eating?

It’s a crazy world out there, and for Notre Dame fans, it’s getting crazier. While I wouldn’t want to cause some gag reflexes to an MRE, I give you the next best thing. Just eat a box or two. You’ll be fine with that and the booze.


What Should You Be Wearing?

This week? Please for the love of all that’s holy, do not DO NOT find any way to mix these together. Other than that... whatever.

What Is The Best Thing About This Game?

Any time Notre Dame plays Army, it gives us a reason to watch this gorgeous tackle in retrospect.

5 Reasons To Hate Army

1. They lost to Air Force which means the Army / Navy game has no trophy.
2. That they don’t insist in the strongest terms that Notre Dame come to Michie Stadium at West Point. (Last two times were in 1973 and 1921).
3. They don’t wear camo uniforms every game. What the hell?
4. 1944 and 1945. Notre Dame lost those games by a combined score of 157-0. (In fact, in the 8 Army wins in this series, they have shut out Notre Dame 5 times and one time the Irish only scored a safety).
5. I have nothing else. I hate them for being so damn likable.

Shamrock Stars

Equanimeous St. Brown. It seems like Brian Kelly thinks the Irish need to increase their pass totals. At least that is what I’m taking away from his comments this week. Look for Kizer to find his best target as many times as possible. Multiple touchdowns (obviously long ones here since the redzone is getting tighter) and a bunch of yards. It’s what we should expect from what has been the brightest star on the offense this season.

Jarron Jones. It’s a odd pick- I know. He basically just took a pass and sat out most of the game against Navy, another triple-option team, and here I am hoisting him above a guy like Greer Martini or Drue Tranquill. It’s a weird and crazy season. I see him dominating and making a huge difference which will only cause more angst over last week’s game against Navy- which is exactly what we would expect this season.

At the end of the day...

Blood is in the water and Brian Kelly is the one with the paper cut. I just feel that he will try and do anything to get a big win here (and by big I mean blowout). With absolutely no evidence to support that idea, I confidently say Irish 42, Army 17.