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Les Miles Is The Favorite To Coach Notre Dame Football In 2017

Just food for thought.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

If you were wondering who the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would replace Brian Kelly with should the school decide to make a change after this year... Les Miles could be the guy.

According to Bookmaker Les Miles is actually the betting favorite to coach Notre Dame football for the 2017 season. The entire prop bet odds look like this:


Les Miles + 155

Brian Kelly + 175

Urban Meyer + 2500

Dan Mullen + 2600

David Shaw + 2700

Field -145

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick has already publicly stated that Brian Kelly will be the head coach in 2017, but as we all know things can change for all types of reasons.

Miles has been a name that some Irish fans have been throwing around since he was fired by LSU a few weeks ago. Miles is an Ohio native (bonus) that played for Michigan (bummer). He won a national title with LSU in 2007 (and in strange fashion with 2 losses on their record) and he has won the SEC title two times.

I am in no way suggesting that this will happen, and am only mildly suggesting that I might like this move- I’m just reporting that there is in fact a prop bet on this scenario, and Les Miles is the favorite.