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Rapid Reaction: Notre Dame And Brian Kelly Sunk By N.C. State 10-3

This was bad- really, really bad.

Notre Dame v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

I wasn’t quite prepared for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to lose like this against the N.C. State Wolfpack. Oh... I thought they could definitely lose this game, but lose because Brian Kelly decide to play a football game in a hurricane like it was in a dome... HELL NO!

Brian Kelly lost this game for Notre Dame. His thick-headed decisions throughout the game to keep going 5 wide IN A HURRICANE and abandon the run game is how one gets fired for cause.

There were plenty of moments that this thing could have been turned around, but Kelly continued with his pass-happy offense. Even when Kizer had time to throw the ball would slip out of his hands or out of the intended receiver’s hands.

It was not a good look for anyone involved. Notre Dame is now 2-4 and will take on the Stanford Cardinal next week. This season is taking on the persona of a dumpster fire- which is even more amazing when it’s in a hurricane.