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Special Teams Hero Justin Yoon Hits a 40-yard Kick

With the NC State defense and mother nature up against him, Yoon delivered from 40 yards out

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not typically that exciting for a college kicker to drill a 40-yard field goal. However, Justin Yoon just hit a big one in the worst imaginable conditions. We’ve got ourselves a ball game.

On a day when running backs, centers and quarterbacks can’t hold on to the football and the offense can’t get anything going, Justin Yoon came up big. Good snap, good hold, good kick. Good Lord. The holder on the field goal unit is Montgomery Van Gorder, and he did a great job. Notre Dame’s special teams have provided their share of highlights so far this year. This one isn’t quite as exciting, but it is just as impressive, given the situation and the weather.

Some of the play calling on offense has been questionable at best, so a boost from the special teams and the defense might put Notre Dame in a position to escape Raleigh with a win today.