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First Quarter Highlights: It’s Raining

NC State leads Notre Dame 3-0, but Hurricane Matthew is actually winning

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

There were some punts, bobbled snaps, a missed field goal, a made field goal, some questionable play calling, headset issues, and I guess some football. This sums it up pretty well:


As you may have heard, Hurricane Matthew has affected college football games all over the southeastern United States. The weather in Raleigh for today’s game is absolutely miserable; it’s giving me flashbacks to sitting through the Clemson game last year - I was wet to the bone. That particular game meant a lot on a national level, and the electric atmosphere made the rain somewhat tolerable. Today, NC State and Notre Dame are playing in front of a small (but appreciative) crowd of what can only be diehard fans. I can’t imagine being out in that. Kudos to the NC State fans for supporting their team.

The Notre Dame offense only managed seven yards of offense in the first quarter. The defense has been up and down, allowing a 23 yard run that was the product of missed tackles, but also registering a sack and a few tackles for loss. NC State managed to make a field goal somehow, and leads 3-0.

On a day like today, when everything from the ball to the players you’re trying to tackle are wet and slippery, Notre Dame defenders need to improve when it comes to wrapping up and making tackles.