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Notre Dame VS NC State Weather Report

Notre Dame finds itself in the middle of a storm in the Carolinas... again.

Hurricane Matthew
Boston Globe Screen Shot

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be fighting more than just the North Carolina Wolfpack this weekend. Hurricane Matthew is on its way, but things may have took a change for the better in recent hours.

Earlier this week, conditions looked bad enough that there were talks of moving the game. At the weekly Tuesday press conference with Brian Kelly, the Head Coach stated that they have been in talks with the ACC and Notre Dame had given the conference a window of 12:00 PM on Saturday to 12:00 PM on Sunday to play the game. Anything later than noon on Sunday, and Kelly said that would cut in too much for the teams preparation for the next opponent, Stanford.

There had also been whispers of either a moving the game to Friday, or since the two schools meet again next year, swapping the location (this year in South Bend and next year in Raleigh). The former has logistical problems and the latter even more logistical problems.

All of this seems to be for nothing, as the storm now appears to be turning right, and heading out into the Atlantic. That doesn’t mean the game on Saturday afternoon won’t be affected by Hurricane Matthew.

via Accuweather

There still appears to be a great deal of rain on the way, and although the wind speeds aren’t nearly as bad as predicted earlier in the week for the game, 22 mph gusts can still cause quite a problem in the passing game.

If you’re heading to the game, be prepared for a wet morning and afternoon, but also be grateful that this Hurricane is taking a divine turn. We shouldn’t see anything like the Clemson game last year.

Oh sweet Carolina.