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NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We did it! We beat an ACC basketball school at football! Things are really starting to look up. Let’s turn to the Twittersphere, shall we?


I agree with this. We seem to have the offensive weapons to bury our opponents, but our play calling doesn’t always indicate a want to.


First came EQ’s cartwheel into the end zone at UT, then came EQ’s ninja kick to some poor Orangemen’s head. What’s next? I’d like to see him do his best Neo from the Matrix impression, as long as he’s taking requests.


Maybe that’s what we need. Friends of the Ice Machine, don’t let this man near a television when the Irish are playing defense. Also, maybe suggest to him a different twitter handle.


Jarron keeping it real. Maybe a little too real.

I’ll just leave this here.