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Catholics VS Convicts Is Ready To Go

Championship season story time!

ESPN released their trailer for the upcoming 30 for 30 Film about the 1988 clash between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Miami Hurricanes.

The trailer provides some insight as to what we may see such as Leon Searcy still talking about be so so bad, and Jimmy Johnson being Jimmy Johnson.

I’ll leave any critiquing to what the film actually says or how it portrays both the game and the teams involved, for when I finally see the thing. The trailer didn’t even come close to producing that OH MY SWEET LORD IN HEAVEN chill that you get up your spine- you know, when those things happen.

At any rate, Notre Dame fans are pretty excited to finally get a 30 for 30 film that spotlights one of the many moments/stories of the Fighting Irish. It was produced and directed by Notre Dame alums, but the story was told told in the film by both sides (unlike the earlier 30 for 30 Film “The U.”)

It was a special day and holds a special place in the hearts of many Notre Dame fans. I was only 10 years old, but it is definitely a memory that still rest within me. As I roamed around the web today, I found this nice little excerpt from a poster at NDNation, and I want to share it with you.

“I remain tickled that they can't get over the "Chud Fumble." The night before the game my brother (Moff) and myself were getting ourselves psyched up for the game. Me: "I hope we win by ten points." Him: "Well I want to win by twenty." Me: "Well, I hope we blow them out by thirty." Our Mom intervened at this point: "I hope we win by one point." Why, Mom? "Because that will hurt them the most." She was right then and she is right now. Sitting next to my Mom in the stands that day near the South End Zone was glorious. When the pre-game altercation began, she was screaming "Don't back down." After the Chud fumble, she was screaming at the refs to "get that SOB's ass off the field." Notre Dame players have their "Lou Holltz save Jimmy Johnson's ass for me" moment but I have a memory of my Mom in all her glory screaming at the pig faced Satan. What a day!”

We will have much more on this upcoming film as we closer to the showtime. ESPN will show the movie on December 10, right after the Heisman trophy ceremony.