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Is Brian Kelly Notre Dame Football’s Moses?

So... there is already a statue of Brian Kelly on the campus of Notre Dame?

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Julie Hauenstein

The University of Notre Dame is a very spiritual place. If you are on campus, you can’t escape the imagery or the “feeling” if you tried. Perhaps it is with that “spirit” that I am moved to write this piece.

By my best guess, 85% of the fanbase wants Brian Kelly fired by at least season’s end. He has never been a very popular coach with the fans, despite achieving many good things for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This all leads me to ask the question, “Is Brian Kelly Notre Dame Football’s Moses?” Is there some similarity with the head coach of Notre Dame football and the former prince of Eygpt that saved thousands of Hebrews from bondage? Let’s take a look...

Humble Beginnings

Moses was born as a Hebrew slave and narrowly escaped death as a baby by being put into a wicker basket and set down the Nile river to the sister of the Pharaoh.

Brian Kelly first became a head coach at Grand Valley State and floated to another part of Michigan to take over at Central Michigan.

Both were in a very humble place, and then move on towards a better path.

Called by a higher power

Moses, while herding sheep, came upon a burning bush which held the voice of God. God spoke to Moses and told him to free his people from the chains of slavery in Egypt.

Brian Kelly, while looking for a deli in New York City, got a phone call from Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick. Jack told him to free the Notre Dame program from the cliff of irrelevancy.

The Path of Destruction

Moses, by the will of God, brought the ten plagues to Egypt. Things such as locusts, frogs, boils, bloody water, and dead livestock were all the business of the day and brought Egypt to its knees.

Brian Kelly had the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Things such as Tulsa, Navy, Michigan (x2), South Florida, little giants, and Tommy Rees were all the business of the day and it brought Notre Dame fans to the toilet.

Freed from bondage

Screen Shot of 10 Commandments

Moses, after the plagues, finally was able to free his people from the bondage of slavery. Moses sealed the deliverance by parting the Red Sea- only to close it upon the forces of the Pharaoh and escape for good.

Brian Kelly, after some horrific moments in 2010 and 2011 used divine intervention to result in an undefeated season that was capped off by parting the “Red Sea” in beating USC while on its way to the BCS Title game. Thus, it was clear, Brian Kelly saved Notre Dame from irrelevancy.

The Law and the Wilderness

Moses and the Hebrews wandered the Wilderness for 40 years and while doing so, Moses brought forth the law of God in the form of the Ten Commandments. Among these are such treasures as:

  • Thou shall not steal.
  • Thou shall not kill.
  • Honor thy mother and thy father.
  • Thou shall not commit adultery.

Brian kelly in his time wandering at Notre Dame has brought forth some of his and Jack’s own “laws.” Among these are:

  • Thou shall have a jumbotron.
  • Thou shall play on Field Turf.
  • Thou shall wear an alternate uniform at least once a year.
  • Thou shall not win less than 8 games a year.

A lack of faith

Moses was told by God to speak to a rock to bring forth water for the people. Moses disobeyed God and instead of speaking to the rock as instructed, he hit the rock twice with his staff to bring out the water.

Brian Kelly disobeyed the faithful by interviewing with an NFL team prior to the National Championship game against Alabama.

You will not enter the promised land

Because of the sin that Moses committed, he was not allowed to enter the promised land with the Hebrews. Instead, he died on top of a mountain, while Joshua led the nation into the promised land.

Because of the sin that Brian Kelly commit- oh hell... this is all pretty flimsy. The promised land for Notre Dame fans is, of course, winning the national title. Perhaps Brian Kelly has done all that he has been able to do, but it won’t be quite enough. Maybe, because of all that Kelly has done, the next coach of Notre Dame will be the one to bring that Championship back to the home of the Fighting Irish.

In loving memory

Although Moses never did reach the promised land, he accomplished a great deal and will always be remembered as the one that freed the Hebrews from bondage and led them to where God had promised. Brian Kelly has also accomplished a great deal, but the difference here is that if Kelly leaves South Bend without ever winning a title, the memory will never be so grand as that of Moses.

Obviously, that love will be reserved for the next man in. Now, you may school me on the ways of religion and college football. After all, the two are almost inseparable at Notre Dame.