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Notre Dame, Navy, And Respect

It’s all fun and games until a 43 game winning streak gets snapped and a cycle of OH DEAR GOD begins.

The wonderful @phillykelly

Every year when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish play the Navy Midshipmen, people lose their minds. Whether it’s the TV announcers, radio guys, newspaper writers, or a handful of well-intentioned fans; no one can stop talking about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Last year, the phrase was “mutual respect,” and a little video about the series was produced by Notre Dame.

Yes, it’s true.... Notre Dame respects Navy. That should come with a news flash banner scrolling along your screen along with a location where a jug of gasoline and a pack of matches exists for your angry pleasure.

We get it. We get all the respect and why it’s given- but should it be? I sat down and unloaded a few thoughts about this series and the “respect” given to Navy. Maybe we should change our views about this game and look at it for what it is... a football game, and not some higher learning football summit between Russia and the United States.

Navy and respect.

Posted by One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans on Monday, October 31, 2016

In 2007, Navy broke that 43 game winning streak that the Irish had against the Midshipmen. Navy went on to win the next two out of three to make their record in that time from 2007-2010 an eye-popping 3-1. After that 2010 loss, I asked @phillykelly to make me that image that you see on the top and posted it to the top of the website I was running. It was to remain there until the Irish would “finally” beat Navy.

Of course, Notre Dame won in 2011 and have every time since. Still, the image was important because it represented how we should feel about Navy. Respect them all you want, but my respect for Navy is more about them being a cobra than an earthworm.

The Navy players deserve better. They deserve a better form of your respect.