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One Foot Down Podcast: Miami Post Game

“I don’t even know how to feel about this”

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The road to recovery begins for Notre Dame, and boy is it ugly. Of course, a win is a win, but it’s hard for us as fans to imagine a victory with an emptier feeling than this game against the Hurricanes.

There was a quick start. Some quirky, fun, and (gasp) effective offensive plays resulting in a big lead. A competent start for the defense, anchored by a notable individual performance of one Jarron Jones. All great things.

But of course, this is Notre Dame and we can’t have nice things... at least not for a complete game. Despite trying, desperately, to hand this game away to Mark Richt and the ‘Canes on a silver platter, they inexplicable refused to take it. As a result, Notre Dame accomplishes juuuust enough to “Get By” with a win. We’d love to be excited about this win for you, but our emotion would be as inauthentic as Brian Kelly’s sideline dance moves.

Better Bourbon this week, less swearing, but still intended for mature audiences.