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Bagpipe Monday: Is Notre Dame Football Worth It?

There is a price for everything, so how high do you go with the Irish?

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Paying $150 to see the Notre Dame Fighting Irish play football right now, seems like a pretty steep price to pay. Add parking and a little food and you’re over $200. If you are drinking (and there is absolutely no reason why booze isn’t a staple food in the middle of a 3-5 season) your total climbs another $50.

You’re not traveling alone? Your wife or husband is traveling to the game with you? Perhaps you need a hotel? Don’t pass out, but your total cost of attendance is climbing closer and closer towards $1000.

Bagpipe Monday The wonderful @phillykelly

With the product that has been placed on the field this year, you really have to ask yourself if it is worth it. I remember going to no less than five Notre Dame football games a year at one point in my life, and took someone else to a lot of those games.

There is no going back now. Notre Dame has a tiered ticket system and has predictable values placed on those games. Maybe if the Irish were winning a lot more there wouldn’t be quite the sting felt as we spend, spend, spend on football weekends- but that isn’t the case.

Even buying tickets in the preseason feels like one of the biggest scams now. Those $150 tickets for Miami were going for $30 on the secondary market on the Thursday and Friday before the game. People couldn’t give them away. With the Crossroads project finishing next year, these prices aren’t going away. So I ask again, with everything that comes with a Notre Dame football weekend in both product and price... is it worth it?

And now, your pipes: