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Notre Dame Football: The Miami Hangover

Things feel different for Notre Dame, but they aren’t- BUT maybe they are. This headache is killer.

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing that a lot of the media wants you to know about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after its 30-27 victory over the Miami-Florida Hurricanes, it's that in no way does the win mean that Notre Dame has fixed any of its problems.

The Hangover

That’s a hard statement to put up an arguement. Against Miami, the Irish did some very familiar things. They started the game hot on offense, they played poorly on special teams, the offense stalled, the team allowed a bunch of unanswered points, and there were a handful of play calls that left everyone scratching their heads.

If it wasn’t for the hustle and “grit” that DeShone Kizer showed by diving into a pile to recover the goaline fumble by Durham Smythe that could have sent the game into overtime, Notre Dame could very well be 2-6 today and not 3-5. The big difference there, is that there is still a one game buffer to get bowl eligible (this is important).

The story told by most of the media and a lot of our fans, is that this was just more of the same crappy 2016 Fighting Irish football team. My response?

I don’t care.

Maybe I do, but not under the circumstances. If Notre Dame would have been 5-2 and not 2-5 before this game, I would still be monitoring my blood pressure early Monday morning, and if Notre Dame would have been a crazy 7-0 before this game... well, let’s just say that I’m glad for my life insurance policies.

The thing is though, is that with so few wins this late in the season, I just want to be happy about something. If that something is a close win that should have been a blowout win against a team none of us like very much... I’LL TAKE IT.

This season has made me cheap. It’s a big opposite from last year when so many bad things happened and the Irish still kept winning. This year, there are only pellets of poop when we go to the hat for a rabbit. We found the rabbit’s foot against Miami.

I’m celebrating. I’ll leave the angst for the next loss this year- which is most likely coming before November is done.