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Notre Dame Football: Jarron Jones Just Played His Best Game In Two Years

Jarron Jones was completely dominant against the Miami Hurricanes. Like, insanely soul-crushing.

Miami v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

For two years, fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been waiting for Jarron Jones to play as dominant as he did one night in Tallahassee against the Florida State Seminoles. The 2014 Florida State team was loaded with NFL talent (as was Notre Dame) but Jarron Jones looked and played like the best football player on the field.

Things sort of fell apart for Jones after that game (much as it did for Notre Dame). Jones would end up getting injured and missed the rest of the 2014 season, and then in training camp before the 2015 season, he got injured again. Jones was out the entire 2015 regular season, but did make an appearence in Notre Dame’s Fiesta Bowl loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

It looks like he has made it back... finally.

On Saturday against the Miami-Florida Hurricanes, Jones had a tremendous stat line of: 7 Tackles, 1 Sack, 6 Tackles For Loss, & 1 Pass Break Up. So, if you’re counting, all but one of Jarron Jones’s tackles came behind the line of scrimmage.

What the stat line doesn’t show, is that Jones was eating up Miami’s offensive line all day. They couldn’t stop him one on one, and when they were forced to double and triple team him, it opened the door for guys like Nyles Morgan and Isaac Rochell to start eating their dinner.

Jones got the game ball after the game, and it was one of the more befitting times that the game ball award has been awarded in the past few years. We get 4 or 5 games more of Jarron Jones. We should all hope, that the real Jarron Jones showed up today against Miami, and that same Jarron Jones is here for the remainder of the year. Because if that’s the case, we should have something to smile about for the remaining Saturdays in the fall.