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Notre Dame Surrenders the Lead in Awful Fashion, But Josh Adams Responds

Notre Dame special teams have reached their final form. Thankfully, the Irish offense responded quickly.

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the wheels came off this one a long time ago. Remember when the Irish were up 20-0? Those were good times. These days, we have to deal with stuff like this:

As if the Fighting Irish had learned nothing from their adventures in special teaming so far both this year and in this very game, CJ Sanders attempted to field a punt and things went wrong. The punt bounced off his hands, rolled into the zone, and a Miami player fell on it, scoring a touchdown.

In this situation, its on the Notre Dame offense to step up and atone for the pressure they’ve put on the defense so far. Thankfully, Josh Adams decided to done the superhero cape we haven’t seen from him all year. With a burst up the right side on an option, the score is once again tied. Take a look:

I’m sure the defense wishes that drive would have taken a little longer.