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How Notre Dame Let Miami Back in the Game

After 17 unanswered points, the Miami Hurricanes find themselves down only three to Notre Dame

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Irish were out of the gate quick and stormed to a 20-0 lead. Then, with a few miscues and some good Miami defense, it seemed as if the energy just left Notre Dame. What happened?

It all started with the turnover on the punt. As is the tradition with Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame teams, special teams is an adventure. Staying true to the theme, the Hurricanes then recovered an onside kick.

Indeed, coach. What are we doing? Why are there players on the kick return team that don’t know to jump on an onside kick immediately? Why are they backing away?

Miami used the momentum to climb back to within three points. Then, Notre Dame had an opportunity to reestablish themselves and regain the momentum when they were faced with a fourth and one. This happened:

I understand that most of the plays in your playbook have a run/pass option. That’s fine. Call off the pass option on fourth and short. As a result, the Hurricanes have tied up the game. Buckle up, Irish fans. Here comes the heartbreak.