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Notre Dame VS Miami: Game Thread

This is no time for fun and games for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and its fans.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in a dog fight. While the media and the fans run around with our hair on fire debating the merits of Head Coach Brian Kelly and whether or not he deserves another year, the team still has to do what the team has to do.

I find it somewhat funny and a little awkward that Kelly has needed both Jack Swarbrick's stamp of approval and that of his players in one interview after another. Funny, because you wonder how much of it is lip service and how much of it is speaking from the heart. Awkward, because I find that most people either don't care, or don't believe a word of it all.

The single truth that we need to know for this Saturday, is that the Irish believe and deeply want to finish this season on a high note. A high note being a bowl bid and a bowl win. A huge portion of the team returns next year, so they may have bought all the way in with this way of thinking. As of right now, that goal is still very much in reach.

Miami is experiencing some of the same turmoil as the Irish, and this matchup could live up to the hype that we had for it back in August- even if that hype is now bottled up and watered down.

So sure, it's Notre Dame versus Miami... Catholics VS Convicts. It may only be in name, but if Notre Dame gets a good win here, it could at least springboard them into a much better place for the remainder of the season.

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The game thread is open below and I encourage all of you to stop by at least a few times and give a thought or two. There are a lot of good games today as the national schedule is a bit meaty.If you have any thoughts or rants about those games too- hell, you might as well let us know.

Go Irish!