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Staff Picks: Notre Dame VS Miami

Notre Dame’s horrible record is also our horrible record. Let’s change that.

Stanford v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are coming off of a bye, and so is the One Foot Down Staff. The season is more than half over and we have been wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels.

In an effort to right some of our wrongs, I have up’d the number of games from three to six. All this in an effort to improve our records just a bit and offset our Notre Dame weakness.

One of the games listed is the Navy and South Florida clash. Obviously, this was published after the game was played- but seeing as how most of us really wanted to continue to trash our records and we took Navy.


Quite a few good games are on the board this week. We all took the Wisconsin Badgers over the Nebraska Cornhuskers, so somehow I imagine that the Cornhuskers will end up in the top 5 by Sunday. What a strange season it has been.

As far as our game with the Miami Hurricanes, the staff is starting to split into factions. Vegas says this game is going to be close- well no crap. What Notre Dame game this season hasn’t been close? Even the loss against Michigan State was within one score.

Ugh... HERE WE GO!

Puppet ND VS Miami Navy VS USF FSU VS Clemson Neb VS Wis Utah VS Wash Florida VS GA YTD
Joshua Vowles ND Navy Clemson Wis Wash GA 10-11
Pat Sulivan Miami USF Clemson Wis Wash Florida 5-16
Wes Sweigert Miami USF Clemson Wis Wash Florida 12-9
M. Sweigert ND Navy Clemson Wis Wash GA 10-11
Bobby Norell ND Navy FSU Wis Wash GA 10-11
Brad Wechter ND Navy Clemson Wis Wash Florida 8-13
Phil Mosey Miami Navy Clemson Wis Wash GA 11-10
Steve Herring Miami Navy Clemson Wis Wash GA 12-9