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Notre Dame Haiku: Miami Week

This isn’t the Notre Dame Haiku we deserve, but it is the Notre Dame haiku that we need.

If you are a lover of the Japanese form of poetry known as haiku (or a really bad version of it), than perhaps you have been missing the Notre Dame Haiku feature here on One Foot Down. Maybe you just don’t care at all- which is shocking if that’s the case and you’re reading this right now. At any rate, the season has been less than a little fun and the haiku bits really seemed out of place.

Screw it.

I think it’s safe to say that we all need something other than the normal WHERE’S THE MOTIVATION?”

So, with around 24 hours to go until the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Miami Hurricanes (depending on when I get Big Baby Prince Dylan down for a nap and finish this) let’s haiku this thing. Throw down a haiku or two in the comment section below. Here’s a few to get you started.

Midwest storm season
Let’s get bowl eligible
Hurricanes choke out

Irish versus Canes
Not Catholics versus Convicts
Check your calendar