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The Break Is Over Notre Dame Fans; Time To Ride Or Die

The second half of the season for Notre Dame is just as important at 2-5 as it would be if they were 7-0.

The Heirs to the Empire
The Heirs to the Empire
Joshua Vowles

If you haven’t noticed, things have been pretty quiet over here at One Foot Down this past week. Of course, Notre Dame had a bye, and given the current state of the “Notre Dame conversation” on the internet right now, I decided to dial it back for the week- even though our SB Nation Overlords would most likely have wanted a bit more (all praises be unto them and their family).

Notre Dame fans have firmly positioned themselves into #FireKelly and #KeepKelly camps, and just like presidential campaigns- there really is no point in arguing with one another because minds have already been made up.

Given the current state of the Notre Dame program and its future with Brian Kelly, the arguments have become irrelevant for now (I’ll have more on that later tonight).

So, like I said, we took a bit of a break (it’s not like nothing was published). My youngest son (with the crazy hand) turns one on Wednesday and being the great football wife that the Empress is, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday and a loss later in the evening via the Ohio State Buckeyes [insert lmao emoji].

There is a laundry list of problems for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, and curiously enough there are no easy answers. Is it the scheme? Is it the roster? is it the coaching? I think we can say, “yes” to all three and at the same time say there are about a dozen different reasons. It’s complicated, and quite frankly, it will take more than just the bye week to get some answers- let alone solve the issues.

What can be said is that this team needs a lot of work. While many people scoff at the notion that bowl practice helps a team in the upcoming year, your eyerolls are countered by any head football coach around the country- they matter. With a team that could possibly see like 18-19 returning starters and a long list of other contributors- it matters a great deal.

Notre Dame needs 4 more wins to become bowl eligible to get that extra practice time and an extra game. Their is no pint in rooting against it as their is no draft order like the NFL. The Irish need to show its own team and the recruits it has and looks to get that it will fight to get better, and provide some substance to back that sentiment up.

It’s ride or die time. My kids are down, I’m down, and this team, that by all accounts has not imploded internally, is totally down (meaning for anyone not understanding the colloquialism: they want this). So, let’s go get it. #BelkBowlBound