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Staff Picks: Notre Dame VS Stanford

Seperation Saturday? Perhaps it is here at One Foot Down.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

How does a Notre Dame blogger logically pick against the team that he/she covers? Isn’t that part of the fun, part of the joy, part of the experience of blogging about one’s favorite school? Don’t you kind of have to pick, in this case, Notre Dame- even if they are playing the Green Bay Packers?

Not this week. Not this year.

If I’m not mistaken, only one time during this season did a OFD staffer pick against Notre Dame, and that is when Wes took Texas in week one. Truth be told, it was more like he was picking Texas ironically, but none-the-less, he got it right. Check out who has the best pick-em record on OFD so far and check out who he has picked this week.

It ain’t ironic and he ain’t alone.

On its way to a 2-4 start, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have lost the faith of bloggers. This matchup against the Stanford Cardinal, a team that is having its own struggles this year, is another “toss-up” for the season. Notre Dame is the favorite in the eyes of Vegas, but Notre Dame’s own fans say otherwise.

Puppet ND VS Stanford EMU VS Ohio Ohio State Vs Wisconsin YTD
Joshua Vowles ND EMU OSU 8-10
Pat Sullivan ND Ohio OSU 4-14
Wes Sweigert Stanford Ohio OSU 10-8
Martin Sweigert Stanford EMU OSU 7-11
Bobby Norell Stanford Ohio OSU 8-10
Brad Wechter ND Ohio Wisconsin 8-10
Phil Mosey Stanford Ohio OSU 9-9
Steve Herring Stanford EMU OSU 9-9

Poor Pat. Seriously, let’s win this for Pat Sullivan.