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Notre Dame Football Weather Report: Stanford

The weather report for Notre Dame VS Stanford in South Bend.

Nevada v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The weather for this week’s game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Stanford Cardinal has a much different outlook than last week. With no hurricane on the horizon in South Bend, Indiana, we settle into the normal splendor that an Indiana October can offer.

Oh October, you beautiful bastard!

Notre Dame has the rare “pleasure” of a second night game at home this season. For all of you tailgaters, this will allow a day long party that will see a ton of sunshine without all of that dirty heat that September has, and none of the bitter cold that November holds.

Although there is a slight chance of rain, the forecast shows that any precipitation that may fall will be after the game is over.

That’s like holding a royal flush.

While this forecast will likely be good news for fans attending the game, it is also good for Notre Dame- which has just dried out after last weeks slopfest.

Obviously, the Notre Dame offense is far heavier with an aerial assault as opposed to a brutal ground game. This clear weather should allow the bad taste from last week to be forgotten (if only for a few hours). The Cardinal are still missing its starting cornerbacks due to injury and it may be missing Christian McCaffery as well.

If Brian Kelly wants to eek back into the good graces of some of the fanbase out here, a run similar to that of the last half of the 2010 season is required, and thankfully, this week’s weather will at the very least, not impede in this endeavor.