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Notre Dame Football News and Notes: No Second Guessing for Brian Kelly

Notre Dame’s season is officially in free fall after Saturday’s loss to NC State. Here’s the best of Brian Kelly’s Sunday presser

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

On one hand you kind of have to respect Kelly for not backing down from his decision making, but on the other hand you wish Kelly would just admit that his game plan was atrocious. The fact you kept going five wide in a hurricane and not concede that it was a bad idea makes Irish fans furious.

He says he wants Notre Dame to run the ball better, but to do that you actually have to run the ball and commit to it. On Saturday the Irish ran the ball 38 times, but they ran it so sporadically they couldn’t really get in a rhythm.

The special teams breakdowns have been unbelievable. The Irish have done plenty of good things, many of them have to do with C.J. Sanders, but in turn have done so many things to counteract all the good. Special teams are what ultimately doomed the Irish against NC State as the deciding score was a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown.

I know fans probably don’t even care if the Irish make a bowl game at this point because it’ll most likely be some lower tier bowl against a lower tier opponent, but getting to a bowl game would be huge for this roster for two reasons. First, if they made a bowl game that would mean Notre Dame rips of a few wins in a row and would build momentum going into the offseason. The second reason is exactly what Kelly said and thats the extra practices. 15 or so extra practices would be huge for all the youngsters that are currently receiving playing time.

The weather and the coaching decisions played such an impact on Saturday that we couldn’t really tell if this team is continuing to improve or not. I will say that the defense looked a little better, but they really only had to worry about stopping NC State’s running game. The Irish will be tested this weekend as they play a well coached Stanford team.

Okay thats great coach, but when you’re playing in a hurricane you NEED to adjust. You can’t keep doing the same thing if it’s not working. This just shows that Kelly is stubborn as can be and is unwilling to make the proper in game adjustments.