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Trick Shot Wednesday: Virginia Week 2015

For the third year in a row, every Domer's favorite caption contest is back in action!

"Good, good..."
"Good, good..."
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, another season of Notre Dame football is upon us. This heralds the arrival of many annual traditions, including--but not limited to--buying the newest edition of The Shirt; teaching your young offspring the fundamentals of catching a bullet pass with their hands, not their face; grabbing a case of your favorite tailgate beverage; firing up the smoker to impress your friends and cause widespread drooling; and reacquainting yourself with that very nice doctor who writes you prescriptions for extra heart pills this time every year.

As longtime readers of this site know, college football also marks the annual series of weekly caption contests known as Trick Shot Wednesday. Inspired by NDFB's weekly ping-pong antics (titled Trick Shot Monday), TSW is basically an excuse for you, the OFD Commentariat, to go nuts with your creative captioning and photoshopping skills on a different photo each week. "Voting" is done by tallying the number of rec's (gold stars) on each entry in the comments, and folks can vote for as many entries as they want. Technically, there's no official prize for the winner except weekly bragging rights...but for the record, Kendall Moore's beer gut (the OFD commenter, not the actual player) took home the top-ranked entry about half the time last season, so y'all better step up your game!

To kick this thing off, we present a photo taken before kickoff of Notre Dame's 38-3 shelling of Texas. Coach Brian Kelly looms over his players, while Charlie Strong lurks in the background...go ahead and show us what you've got!