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Trick Shot Wednesday: Clemson Week 2015

Yea, though the Irish walk through the Valley of Death, they will fear no Dabo...

Noooooo come baaaaack
Noooooo come baaaaack
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I'll admit it, I was sweating just as much as you guys were when UMass crept to within one point of the Irish. The tiny cynical part of me (imagine it with an Eeyore voice) was like, "Ohh dear, looks like it's gonna be one of THOSE games again..." Thankfully for my sanity and the sanity of ND fans everywhere, our offense blew the doors off the Minutemen and lowered our collective blood pressure (to the dismay of heart doctors everywhere).

However, this Saturday night is guaranteed to have us reaching for those heart pills once again. Spotlight of College Gameday? Check. Rowdy and raucous opposing fans? Check. National title hopes hanging in the balance? Check. A Notre Dame team that has lost critical starters and yet still manages to defy expectations, steamroll the opposition, and stake its season to an offense with incredible talent and big-game flair? Check, check, and check. In the immortal words of James Earl Jones in March of the Penguins, "Hold onto your butts."

Last Week's Results

In true championship team fashion, you, the Commentariat, continued to improve upon an already impressive showing in last week's post-UMass TSW. Here are the top entries depicting Sheldon Day, as chosen by you:

--In third place, we have a rare dual entry (sometimes called a "symbiotic entry," if you're into that there fancy grammar stuff) featuring the work of clearwall and fightin'_eyerash:

--In second place with 23 recs is Kendall Moore's beer gut, who caught Coach VanGorder dispensing some sage advice to his protege (probably right after BVG had finished defending his Gym Leader Badge):

--And coming in at first place with 25 recs was clearwall, who channeled ndmspaint's "Let Us Prey" masterpieceand brought it to life. Like, in pants-wetting realism.

--And in the Pokemon-themed poll, it looks like the old fogeys/non-nerds barely edged out those readers with an eye for fine classics in video-gaming.

This Week's Photo

To get you pumped for the big primetime showdown in Death Valley this weekend, I present you all with this wonderfully-timed photo of Cole Luke racing away from UMass' Tajae Sharpe with an intercepted pigskin, chortling all the way. Time to lace 'em up, polish up your caption/photoshop playbook, and show us what you've got!