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Notre Dame Stadium Crossroads Construction: Video Ribbon Board Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll.

If you haven't heard (or seen) yet Notre Dame Stadium is currently under construction. For the start of the 2017-18 school year there will be $400 million worth of upgrades in the form of 3 new buildings attached to the stadium. For your insatiable football appetite there will be improved concessions, altered concourse, widened seating, new box suites, outdoor terraces, a large video board in the south end zone, and more.

One of the recently announced new additions to the remodeling project that will be unveiled in a couple years are video ribbon boards which will line the east and west sides of the stadium. This news was met with a mixture of curiosity and bewilderment.

To help clarify the use of these boards, One Foot Down was tasked with reaching out to the Notre Dame community to see what people would like to see for content with these ribbons on game days. After several weeks of work we were able to conduct a survey that included a total of 15,746 forms returned to our inbox.

Today we are ready to unveil the results of the survey and publish the top 12 submissions for what Fighting Irish fans would most like to see on the video ribbon boards.

Ribbon Board 1


Dave from Kalamazoo writes, "It boggles the mind that Brian Kelly and his coaches continue to spend so much time on these cheap gimmicks. Aren't they busy enough where they shouldn't be stooping to this level to sell the program? I'm not so easily fooled."

Ribbon Board 2


"I go to Notre Dame games to watch football and football only," writes Carl from Fort Wayne. "There's no need to look at anything else besides the field of play. Anything else is superfluous and excessive."

Ribbon Board 3

"There's a real big problem with people showing up to the stadium expecting to be artificially entertained," says Martin from Springfield. "That's not what we're there to do. There are far too many nuisances that are turning the games into a complete circus."

Ribbon Board 4


"I'll admit that the band can be distracting at times," writes Fred from Toledo. "It is acceptable to give them a listen from time to time whenever they aren't playing that junk hip hop music."

Ribbon Board 5


Tom from New York writes, "I like the ribbon boards for one reason. Whenever I see someone looking at them I can mentally check them off as dolts who don't know anything about football. In a perfect world this would enable us to blacklist those who look at the boards, then remove the boards and return Notre Dame to its rightful place."

Ribbon Board 6


This one comes via Larry from Chicago, "There's a certain level of reasonable noise the stadium should never exceed. Moderate to firm clapping during the Fight Song is just about the limit. Shouting after big plays is uncouth and lacking in class."

Ribbon Board 7


Mary from New Haven asks, "How much will these things cost? I'm sure they'll lose tens of millions from the backlash and decrease in donations."

Ribbon Board 8

"Notre Dame games are serious," writes Mike from South Bend. "There ought to be a sense of duty to sit in the stands with quiet reserve just like the way our Heavenly Father intended."

Ribbon Board 9


Roger from Indianapolis says, "Replays are the scourge of society. Why would you want to see something you've already watched happen? Once is enough. I think there's something whimsical about being in the dark during reviewed plays. I'd hate to lose that feeling."

Ribbon Board 10


"The smiling, laughing, and loud burst of screaming," says Wayne from Scranton. "What an irritating annoyance. Kids don't understand the culture that must be observed at ND games. We'd be better off not letting in anyone under 21 years old."

Ribbon Board 11


Owen from Mishawaka writes, "Sadly, we've already degraded ourselves enough with these ribbon boards. We might as well use that Tweeter thing to get our message across."

Ribbon Board 12

"For years visiting spectators talked so highly of Notre Dame," says John from Peoria. "Forget visiting the Grotto or watching the Trumpets Under the Dome we need to get back to the grandest tradition of quiet contemplation during timeouts. Maybe have a short conversation with someone or even sneak in a little nap? Trampling on this sacred right with obnoxious music and honoring university workers has completely ruined what made Notre Dame special."