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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 4

College GameDay will be in Tuscon this week for UCLA at Arizona.

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It'll be a while until Notre Dame feasts on cheeseburgers but hopefully this week will be a taste of cupcake. I think we'd all like to kick back and relax while Notre Dame roll this weekend, wouldn't you say?

Congratulations to "Paddy's Peerless Picks" for leading Week 3 with a 17-3 record. Our new overall leader is "dudeacow" with a 43-22 record.


Ya boy struggled last week. I'll try to get back on the horse this time around.

Big E: 9-11 (37-28, 42nd Place)

Now for this week's picks...

No. 20 Georgia Tech (-8.5) at Duke

Pick: Georgia Tech

This is a big game for the Yellow Jackets who are coming off their loss against Notre Dame and are looking to avenge a loss to Duke from last year. My gut is telling me this is a lot of points to give a home dog. i just think Tech is going to have a major rebound game.

No. 22 BYU (+5.5) at Michigan

Pick: BYU

How beat up and tired must BYU be right now? Nebraska, Boise State, UCLA, now to the Big House. This is a crap load of travel and a perfect opportunity for Harbaugh to get a signature win early in his career. Vegas has to be thinking the same thing too, but I'm not banking on Michigan winning by almost a touchdown.

No. 3 TCU (-7.5) at Texas Tech

Pick: TCU

This game is so hot. A lot of folks calling for the upset as TCU has looked shaky early on and Texas Tech is coming off an important win against Arkansas. I don't know you guys, I can buy into the Frogs having their own problems (like injuries, yikes) but Texas Tech is still so, so unproven.

No. 9 UCLA (-4) at No. 16 Arizona

Pick: Arizona

ASU and a road trip to Stanford are up next for UCLA. This game might be the toughest test for the Bruins until very late in the season. Or maybe not who really knows. With GameDay in town and injuries having more of an impact on UCLA's chances I'll take Rich Rod to get his guys ready and play really well.

No. 19 USC (-5.5) at Arizona State

Pick: Arizona State

Oh, boy does USC need this game in a big way. Things could get really ugly if the Trojans fall to 2-2 this early in the season. And remember, they lost on a Hail Mary to ASU last year and the year before fired Kiffin after leaving the desert. Not great mojo for USC right now.

Arizona State hasn't looked great this year. Yet, I think there's decent odds we've overreacted to their opening loss to A&M (who might be really good in their own right). It looks like the Sun Devils are still doing some good things and just need to clean a few items up on offense. With the weather headed for a scorching 105 degrees I'll take the home dogs all day.