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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 3

College GameDay will report from another Alabama game this weekend while being stationed in Tuscaloosa.

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Is everyone starting to find a groove with their picks? Starting to find little tricks where you can beat Vegas?

Congratulations to the appropriately named "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing" for winning week 2 with 17 correct picks. Heading into the weekend our new overall leaders are "BVG's Dance Grooves" and "NDPanama" with 32-13 records.


Ya boy is back in the mix with a strong second week showing.

Big E: 16-7 (28-17 Overall, 14th place)

I'm switching up the layout for the picks each week. Trying to discuss 20+ games, many of which no one cares about, was pretty pointless and time consuming. From now on I'll just talk about the big games.

No. 9 Florida State (-7.5) at Boston College

Pick: Florida State

The Eagles pouring 76 points on Howard, plus Florida State starting slow, plus the Seminoles' struggles with BC in recent years are making this game a one score spread. A complete upset shouldn't be a huge surprise here.

However, the more Golson gets comfortable with his new teammates the better things will go, and FSU had been running the ball very well. I don't think we know how bad BC could be given their horrible opening two games so a comfortable win for the Seminoles is the most likely outcome.

No. 23 Northwestern (+3.5) at Duke

Pick: Duke

Should Northwestern be ranked right now? Really? An upset of what could be a massively overrated Stanford is all it took, huh?

Anyway, Duke as the favorite makes a lot of sense to me. In a close game I'l defer to the team with the better offense and that looks to the Blue Devils who have Thomas Sirk--maybe the best new starter in the country you've never heard of yet.

No. 18 Auburn (+6.5) at No. 13 LSU

Pick: Auburn

This feels like a classic early season overreaction to Auburn's struggles last week. This isn't even a night game in Death Valley either, which would provide LSU with a few more points on the line.

Jeremy Johnson has to play better at QB for Auburn. On the other side we still don't know what LSU has with Brandon Harris as they've only played one game and he completed 9 passes. Both teams can run the ball well, I think LSU pulls it out with a better defense, but I'll take the points.

Stanford (+10) at No. 6 USC

Pick: USC

Stanford is averaging barely 3 yards per carry and has only 215 on the ground in 2 games. Guys, they just aren't a ManBall™ offense anymore, at least an effective one.

If the Cardinal don't pressure Cody Kessler this has the potential to get ugly. So far this season the Trojans' offense has lived up to the hype and they're averaging over 9 yards per play. This could be a statement game where they blow Stanford off the field.

No. 15 Ole Miss (+6.5) at No. 2 Alabama

Pick: Ole Miss

My research indicates that Alabama has not lost twice in a row to the same program since Nick Saban became head coach in Tuscaloosa. The revenge factor in favor the Tide is strong.

Still, Ole Miss' offense has shown some explosiveness and has some game changers on both sides of the ball. Their defense should definitely harass Jake Coker. If you think Alabama wins due to Saban probably never sleeping all off-season in order to beat the Rebels, it's likely to still be close.

No. 19 BYU (+17) at No. 10 UCLA

Pick: BYU

Has there been a tougher first month for a college football team in recent history than BYU's schedule? Nebraska, then Boise State, now UCLA, and Michigan next week. Three road games in there, too.

How long can the Cougars keep it up? You've got to imagine they hit a wall soon and UCLA should be able to take advantage of it this weekend. However, this is an awful lot of points to give up. Maybe it's possible there's a Tanner Mangum last second touchdown pass (again!) for a back door cover?