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Top 5 Plays of the 2014 Irish Football Season #1: Golson to Koyack Beats Cardinal

The conclusion to our experiment in animating the top 5 plays of the 2014 football season

Koyack moment
Koyack moment

At long last we've made it to the top spot on our countdown of last season's best plays.  I'm sure this one comes as no surprise to anyone as it was one of the most exciting finishes to a game in recent memory.   Before we get to it though, here's a recap of the countdown thus far:

5.   Brindza's game winning field goal over LSU

4.  Golson's beautiful 53 yard TD strike on the run to 'Sise against Rice

3.  Jameis Winston gets pressured and coughs up an INT

2.  Michigan still hasn't scored

Of course, #1 is the game winning touchdown that sent the Stanford Cardinal packing.  Down by 4 late in the game, the Irish faced a decisive 4th and 11 from the Stanford 23 yard line.  Golson dropped back to pass, avoided his pursuers, and connected with wide open TE Ben Koyack in the end zone for the game winning touchdown.  I jumped on a few family members and knocked over all the glassware within close proximity.   Koyack had been hiding in plain sight apparently as no one was covering him.  To his credit, he claimed he broke his route after he saw the coverage, hoping Everett would see him.  So there he was in the end zone, waiting, ice water in his veins, casually reading the paper with a cup of coffee.  The rest is history.